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Why certify your technicians? As a Project Manager you want to ensure good workmanship. You know it is tough to find qualified temporary workers and you want to optimize the return on investment made in the cabling infrastructure certification instrumentation. With the new advances in copper and fibre cabling technology, you need to train and certify existing employees to stay competitive in the installation and certification of high-speed structured cabling systems.

At the same time

it is a known fact that users only superficially know the instruments they are using, and as a result do not fully leverage the capabilities of the testers to increase overall profitability and to shorten the time to system acceptance.



Investing in Fluke Networks’ two-day training and certification program will not only improve installers skills, but also their effectiveness and productivity on the job in project management, testing, certifying, troubleshooting and documenting cabling systems. The two-day course, developed by Fluke Networks, is split-up in a “Copper” and a “Fibre” day. There is a strong focus on the capabilities and operation of the member of the VersivTM Cabling Certification Product Family. Students apply concepts in extensive, hands-on exercises. 2-day course